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2010 4-H Shooting Sports National Team Results for Mississippi

Our Mississippi 4-H Teams received the following daily and overall awards:

Congratulations to our 4-H Shooting Sports Youth


Discipline                                                        Individual                                            Placing

Air Pistol

National Match  (Individual)                            Emily Bordelon                                               40th

National Match Overall                                    Mississippi                                                       12th  

Slow Fire Bullseye (Individual)                       Emily Bordelon                                               40th

Timed and Rapid Fire  (Individual)                  Emily Bordelon                                               37th

Air Rifle

National Match (Individual)                             Kayla Parker                                                    3rd       

                                                                        Luke South                                                      4th       

                                                                        Mark Baldwin                                                  21st

National Match Overall                                    Mississippi                                                       2nd

Standard 3P Sporter (Individual)                      Luke South                                                      1st

                                                                        Kayla Parker                                                    5th

                                                                        Mark Baldwin                                                  34th

Standard 3P Sporter (Team)                             Mississippi                                                        4th

(Mark Baldwin, Kayla Parker, Luke South)           

Sporter Silhouette (Individual)                         Kayla Parker                                                    10th

                                                                        Mark Baldwin                                                  14th

                                                                        Luke South                                                      18th

Sporter Silhouette (Team)                                Mississippi                                                          4th

(Mark Baldwin, Kayla Parker, Luke South)

Sporter Event Standing (Individual)                 Luke South                                                        1st

                                                                        Kayla Parker                                                    6th

                                                                        Mark Baldwin                                                  19th

Sporter Event Standing (Team)                        Mississippi                                                          1st

(Mark Baldwin, Kayla Parker, Luke South)

Archery Compound

National Match (Individual)                             Josh Burchfield                                                 17th

                                                                        Drew Barefoot                                                 20th

                                                                        Hugh Guillot                                                    29th

National Match Overall                                     Mississippi                                                       7th

Compound 3-D Round (Individual)                   Josh Burchfield                                                 8th

                                                                        Drew Barefoot                                                14th

                                                                        Alex Calder                                                     39th

                                                                        Hugh Guillot                                                    51st 

Compound 3-D Round (Team)             Mississippi                                                                       6th

(Drew Barefoot, Josh Burchfield, Alex Calder, Hugh Guillot)

Compound Field Round (Individual)               Drew Barefoot                                                    23rd     

                                                                     Josh Burchfield                                                   26th

                                                                     Hugh Guillot                                                        27th

                                                                     Alex Calder                                                        65th


Discipline                                                        Individual                                            Placing

Compound Field Round (Team)                      Mississippi                                                           6th

(Drew Barefoot, Josh Burchfield, Alex Calder, Hugh Guillot)

Compound FITA Round (Individual)              Hugh Guillot                                                       17th

                                                                      Josh Burchfield                                                   26th

                                                                      Drew Barefoot                                                   36th

                                                                     Alex Calder                                                         60th

Compound FITA Round (Team)                      Mississippi                                                          8th

(Drew Barefoot, Josh Burchfield, Alex Calder, Hugh Guillot)



National Match (Individual)                             David Failla                                                     35th

                                                                        Jared Peoples                                                43rd

                                                                        Brian Layton                                                 50th

National Match Overall                                    Mississippi                                                       12th

25 yd Bottles and Critters                                Jared Peoples                                                   28th

(Individual)                                                   David Failla                                                      36th

                                                                      Brian Layton                                                     48th

25 yd Bottles and Critters (Team)                    Mississippi                                                       11th

(David Failla, Brian Layton, Jared Peoples)

50 yd. Bullseye (Individual)                            Jared Peoples                                                   45th

                                                                        David Failla                                                     47th

                                                                        Brian Layton                                                    49th

50 yd. Bullseye (Team)                                      Mississippi                                                       12th

(David Failla, Brian Layton, Jared Peoples)

Rifle Silhouette (Individual)                            David Failla                                                     13th

                                                                     Jared Peoples                                                   45th

                                                                     Brian Layton                                                    49th

Muzzleloading Rifle Silhouette (Team)               Mississippi                                                       11th


(David Failla, Brian Layton, Jared Peoples)


Archery Recurve

National Match (Individual)                             Stuart Wright                                                    27th

                                                                        Woody Speights                                               42nd

                                                                        Abigail Garbutt                                                43rd

National Match Overall                                    Mississippi                                                         10th

Recurve 3-D Round (Individual)                     Stuart Wright                                                     24th

                                                                      Woody Speights                                                 39th

                                                                      Abigail Garbutt                                                  46th

Recurve 3-D Round (Team)                             Mississippi                                                         9th

(Abigail Garbutt, Woody Speights, Stuart Wright)

Recurve Field Round (Individual)                   Stuart Wright                                                    31st

                                                                     Woody Speights                                               43rd

                                                                     Abigail Garbutt                                                  45th

Recurve Field Round (Team)                           Mississippi                                                       10th

(Abigail Garbutt, Woody Speights, Stuart Wright) 


Discipline                                                        Individual                                                        Placing

Recurve FITA Round (Individual)                   Stuart Wright                                                    30th

                                                                      Abigail Garbutt                                                   31st

                                                                      Woody Speights                                               38th

Recurve FITA Round (Team)                          Mississippi                                                       7th

(Abigail Garbutt, Woody Speights, Stuart Wright)



National Match (Individual)                             Carty Tillman                                                   11th

                                                                        T.J. Smith                                                        14th

                                                                        Gary Holcomb                                                 32nd

                                                                        Nathan Rawls                                                  56th

National Match Overall                                      Mississippi                                                       9th

Skeet (Individual)                                            Gary Holcomb                                                 7th

                                                                        Carty Tillman                                                   14th

                                                                        T.J. Smith                                                        37th

                                                                        Nathan Rawls                                                  50th

Skeet (Team)                                                    Mississippi                                                       6th

(Gary Holcomb, Nathan Rawls, T.J. Smith, Carty Tillman)

Sporting Clays (Individual)                             Carty Tillman                                                   4th

                                                                        T.J. Smith                                                        11th

                                                                        Gary Holcomb                                                 21st

                                                                        Nathan Rawls                                                  25th

Sporting Clays (Team)                                     Mississippi                                                       3rd

(Gary Holcomb, Nathan Rawls, T.J. Smith, Carty Tillman)

Trap (Individual)                                             T.J. Smith                                                        12th

                                                                        Carty Tillman                                                   43rd

                                                                        Gary Holcomb                                                 77th

Nathan Rawls                                                  78th

Trap (Team)                                                     Mississippi                                                       15th

(Gary Holcomb, Nathan Rawls, T.J. Smith, Carty Tillman)


Smallbore Pistol

National Match (Individual)                             Karelia Schmitz                                                 5th

                                                                        Justin Adams                                                   14th

                                                                        Candace Chandler                                           16th

National Match Overall                                     Mississippi                                                       2nd

Camp Perry Round (Individual)                        Justin Adams                                                   3rd

                                                                        Karelia Schmitz                                                7th

                                                                        Candace Chandler                                           17th

Camp Perry Round (Team)                              Mississippi                                                       2nd

(Justin Adams, Candace Chandler, Karelia Schmitz)         

Discipline                                                        Individual                                            Placing

Silhouette (Individual)                                   Candace Chandler                                           8th

                                                                     Karelia Schmitz                                               9th

                                                                     Justin Adams                                                  24th

Silhouette (Team)                                           Mississippi                                                      4th

(Justin Adams, Candace Chandler, Karelia Schmitz)                                             


Slow Fire Bullseye-Single Stage                          Karelia Schmitz                                           8th

 (Individual)                                                     Justin Adams                                             10th

                                                                        Candace Chandler                                       19th

Slow Fire Bullseye-Single Stage                         Mississippi                                                   2nd       

(Team)  (Justin Adams, Candace Chandler, Karelia Schmitz)


Smallbore Rifle

CMP Rimfire Sporter (Individual)                    James Cotton                                               25th

                                                                        James Peyton Golden                                  29th   

                                                                        Cory Critcher                                              43rd

                                                                        Jayden Jenkins                                            49th

CMP Rimfire Sporter (Team)                           Mississippi                                                    10th

(James Cotton, Cory Critcher, James Peyton Golden, Jayden Jenkins)

NRA 3 Position (Individual)                            Cory Critcher                                              44th

                                                                        Jayden Jenkins                                            50th

                                                                        James Cotton                                             65th

                                                                        James Peyton Golden                                  68th

NRA 3 Position (Team)                                     Mississippi                                                  14th

(James Cotton, Cory Critcher, James Peyton Golden, Jayden Jenkins)

NRA Silhouette (Individual)                            Jayden Jenkins                                             46th

                                                                      James Cotton                                                56th

                                                                     Cory Critcher                                                62nd

                                                                       James Peyton Golden                                   64th

NRA Silhouette (Team)                                    Mississippi                                                   16th

(James Cotton, Cory Critcher, James Peyton Golden, Jayden Jenkins)



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