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For the Senior Games Program click on either one of these files,

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Senior Games Program 2009.doc

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The Senior Olympic Shooting Event was started by the Mississippi State Firearm Owners Association in 2004. We designed the course of fire to allow the use of regular sporting firearms, in lieu of any expensive specialized firearms used in target shooting. Most of the firearms used in this event are owned by many of the hunters and hobbyists in our State.

In addition to the firearms being owned by the shooters, our gun club owns five Ruger 10/22 rifles and four Ruger Mark III pistols. These are available for loan to people shooting in this event. We also have .22 rf Centurion HV ammo for sale at cost for this match. Centurion ammo is a LOT better than brands available at many local outlets. 

The Air Pistol event was included this year because we needed to have one event that is included in the Olympic Games. The air pistol event will be fired indoors, in an air conditioned building. Our club has several match grade air pistols and they will be available as loaners. High grade pellets will be available at $.01 each.

Shooters from other States will be recognized with an out of State Award. Men and Women will have their own category.

If you can't read my file,  let me know and I will send it another way. 

The $20.00 fee from the MS Senior Games Committee includes the price of a banquet in Jackson on the weekend of May 16. Representatives of the MS Senior Games will have info on the banquet.

People under 50 years old can attend but their scores will not be sent to the MS Senior Games Committee.

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